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Our Floors

Sexy Floors® are winners of the “HIA Greensmart Award for Product of the Year 2010”.  Each floor has a unique character and is affordable for ALL kinds of homes, shopfitouts, commerical and industrial areas. 

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  • Faux marble
  • Metallic designs
  • Colour changing (yes! it changes colour as you walk around the room)
  • High gloss, semi gloss or matt finishes
  • One-of-a-kind tailored designs
  • Polished concrete floor finishes

Our Frequently Asked Questions and maintenance guide are listed at the bottom of this page.

Our high quality product is the most durable flooring surface in the world as well as being:

1. Environmentally friendly,

2. Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs),

3. Is solvent less epoxy,

4. Is fire tested

5. Seamless. 

Working  closely with your builder,  shopfitter or project manager  helps  achieve the best results and saves money too. Save money with our Builders check list (pdf)

However, high quality doesn’t equal expensive.  Sexy floors are affordable compared to high end tiles and timber floors.  You don’t need to compromise on your design. Also, our surfaces can be cleaned by vacuum, mop or hose – making it ideal indoors and outdoors.

Our epoxy resin is made exclusively with Sexy Floor technology and formulas.  It can go over tiles, any concrete surface, cement sheeting and heated floors making it very versatile.

If customers have the time, we encourage them to do their research – not only comparing cost but comparing application finishes.  Sexy Floors believes they can offer a superior alternative to all flooring surfaces including carpet, tiles, timber boards and vinyl. If necessary, Sexy Floors are able to do coving, ramps, self leveling, creating falls and waterproofing meaning you don’t have to go anywhere else. 

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Sexy Floors are environmentally friendly, seamless, non-toxic, durable, non-slip and affordable. But for us, floor education is much more important than a few catchy sales pitches. These FAQ’s will take you a couple of minutes to read, but when you understand our product, you’ll understand why we’ve become a successful franchised business.

Firstly, you’ve gotta tell me, what is a sexy floor?
It’s not very complicated. A sexy floor is something that evokes interest and desire. But we don’t want our customers ‘to have what she’s having’. Sexy Floors are in the business of creating unique designer floors at affordable prices. The product we use is called epoxy resin but not just any resin – ours is made exclusively for us and only trained applicators can apply our product. In simple terms, resin is poured on a prepared surface, trowelled or rolled out then is left to cure (set). Because it’s broadcast across the floor, it is seamless and bonds direct to the substrate (concrete).

How long have you been trading for and what are your credentials?
Kelvin Shaw’s  has been working with epoxy resins for over 25 years and started All About Floors (which still trades today) in July 2000.  We decided to add value and branding  to our business with a  name change to Sexy Floors in 2006.  Kelvin has extensive experience laying domestic, commercial and industrial floors Australia wide.

We’re accredited members of the Queensland Building Services Authority (QBSA # 622 477), In 2008 we won Flooring Magazine’s ‘Most Innovative Flooring Product of the Year (Aust and NZ’ and in September 2010, became finalists in the HIA Greensmart ‘Product of the Year’ Awards.  In October 2010 we became the proud Winners of the HIA Greensmart Award for” Product of the Year 2010″

What type of flooring surfaces can your product be applied to?
Sexy Floors can be laid over any new, old and damaged concrete or tiles. We can even waterproof, cove, ramp and level the floor. In relation to tiles, we use a self-levelling solution that runs through the grout lines, making the surface level and cement like. This is sometimes a good alternative to jack hammering up older tiles. Unfortunately, our product isn’t able to be applied over timber floorboards, however, if cement sheeting is applied over the top, we’re able to use our product.

How much does a Sexy Floor cost?

All our prices include full installation plus GST and we only charge you for the supply and lay of the product. The design work is free. This means if you change your mind by the time you order, to the week before it’s laid, that’s fine. Also, each job is priced differently due to the condition of the concrete surface and the type of sexy floor you select. However, as a general rule, the larger the area, the cheaper the square metre rate.

What if bugs and flies get stuck in the epoxy?

We can remove the flies animals and repair the best we can.

How long does it take to lay a sexy floor?
Generally allow two to three days for us to lay your floor and depending on the weather, allow another three days for it to cure and settle into its new surroundings. Sometimes work can be carried out a little quicker, so talk to Sexy Floor Tradie for more details. We like to be as efficient as possible however some concrete repairs and leveling can take time. We may need that little extra time to get it right the first time.  DUE TO THE POPULARITY OF SEXY FLOOR, THERE’S AN AVERAGE OF 2-4 WEEKS WAIT HOWEVER ALL JOBS ARE NEGOTIATED ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS.

If the concrete cracks, will the product crack?
If the concrete slab cracks underneath, it stands to reason that the surface would crack through to the top. However this is the same with a tiled surface. Cracking is an exception and not rule and repairs are very easy for us to carry out.

Where are your showrooms?

Please check out below some commercial shops around Australia you can see our floors.

How do you clean the floor?
We recommend you clean your floor as often as you would any other flooring surface.

It is recommended the use of felt pad under furniture if using a vacuum use the brush settings.

You’re able to mop, vacuum or hose your floor. Regular cleaning includes using a mop giving it a wet (with neutral detergent or vinegar) and dry clean. Periodic cleaning includes using a polish to maintain the integrity of the level of shine you desire. Cost wise, cleaning your epoxy floor is comparable with other flooring surfaces (eg, carpets – the cost of a vacuum cleaner and periodic steam cleaning). Sexy Floors gives you a maintenance guide upon completion of the job. We recommend a few cleaning products however, you’re not obliged to purchase them. As long as the cleaning products you buy have the same properties as what we suggest, you’ll be fine.

I live in an apartment/unit and sound issues are a sensitive subject with Body Corporate. Is movement on epoxy noisy?
The sound quality is similar to a tiled surface however, because epoxy forms part of the concrete surface, sound can travel. If your apartment and the apartment below have false ceilings, this doesn’t become an issue. Please contact your Body Corporate for approval.

You said the design work is free?
Yes. We get enormous pleasure in building our portfolio and brand. If you come to us with a whacky idea, we’ll seriously consider it. Just because it hasn’t been done before, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. However, design work can sometimes be overwhelming. Because we’ve been successfully doing this for over a decade, we have some great ideas ourselves.

Where did the name come from?
We’re very proud that our name didn’t come from a wiz-bang marketing team but rather from a customer. After the customer saw their new floor for the first time, they flippantly said, ‘this is such a sexy floor’. It was a phrase that stuck and encapsulated everything we are.

What is the min and max areas you can quote and lay?

Sexy floors min size area for quoting and laying is 40 M2 and max area we can quote and  lay floors is  up to 20,000 M2

The ‘YES’ Questions
1. Are you members of the QBSA? Yes. QBSA #622 477
2. Can you lay a sexy floor over heated floors? Yes.
3. Can I have different colours / types of finishes in different rooms? Yes.
4. Can you waterproof cement? Yes.
5. Can floors really change colour? Yes, you betcha.

6. Final inspection Warranty certificate is available PDF Downloads right hand side of page

The ‘NO’ Questions
1. Can I use a steam mop to clean my floor? No. However, as mentioned, sexy floors are easy to clean with a mop.
2. Can you go over timber floorboards and/or slate? No. This is because timber boards are unstable and slate is flaky. However, if you install cement sheeting over timber boards, we can apply our product to it.

Contact us at with details of your project or 07 30108570 for our expert advice.